About Us PepperUko is the only Italian manufacturer able to offer more than twenty types of chilli pepper. Our goal is to demonstrate that the young Italian agricultural production is not only innovative, ingenious, a bit eccentric and of course of high quality but above all within everyone's in the world reach.

「我们正在努力制作一段精彩的视频,向您展示我们美丽的农场,我们如何干燥刚采摘的辣椒,研磨设备(好比地狱的火辣空气)和包装过程,但需要多一点点时间。 」
现在,可以透过相片看看我们努力工作的样子。 我們會經常更新網站,令你時刻感到新奇!

PepperuKo 家族与团队 We are a young and innovative family business that represents the largest reality in central Italy and grows chilli and produces chilli. Our fields are just over 50 kilometers from Rome, right in the heart of the Agro Pontino. Today we grow more than twenty types of chilli in a completely natural way. Another part of the company is dedicated to drying, grinding and packaging of products.

PepperuKo香港 PepperuKo HK team works to support the promotion and to manage the distribution of our beloved chilis in Asia Pacific and wherever else there is someone willing to experience Italian Made Pure Natural Heat.


满意我们的工作吗?可以随时表达你的意见! It’s very important to us to improve your experiences, many thanks for your contributions.

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